Finally got outside

I finally got myself outside and ran. Not going to go in details about how my body reacted…and adjusted to running again. My right hip area still bothers me. It feels like something is wrong with the joint socket or one of the nerve/muscles is a bit off. I could locate that particular muscle with my finger but I was all at lost trying to look up a human anatomy diagram to figure out which one it was… I know I should go seek an expert/specialist. Somehow I am like one of those people who never seek a doctor unless it is time to roll over and die. Oh my goodness. I know.

Anyway, the run was great. 

I have a theory why I am in a state I am in. I think there is a term call ‘return’ in running. Not sure what it means but I am speculating that you could run fast but then you have to pay a penalty, that is you will get tired. Your body will put you in a time out. Once your timeout is over you can run fast again. I think the speedy people could reduce the amount of time they have to spend in timeout period and return to their peak pace, and that is called I think a return. They say if you want to run fast work on you return. I don’t know. So they would alternate between two paces fast-slow-fast-slow.

I felt, and maybe I am a bit anemic, maybe because my hemoglobin count is dropping, and my iron level is low, and maybe because I didn’t eat enough vegetables so I am deficient in certain vitamins like the folic acid, and other B acids. Yes, it is my fault for not watching my diet and eating always fast food. I should eat like a pregnant woman!

I do feel anemic. I feel every time I did something physically strenuous, I need to sleep for days to recover. The stuffs I do are not normal either.  Who would hike for 18 miles and called that a normal hike? I do that all the time. I don’t really have to rest but it is like my body is putting me in a time out mode. I got to listen to my body.  It takes awhile for me to get back to top form.  I feel like yo-yoing. I am pushing myself forward, but there always a force that is to pushing me back just as hard. Yes Newton 3rd law.

I think though if I eat better, I should have more energy And I should be recovering better.

Everybody is saying too I need to rest and think the message is finally getting through my head .. XD

I will leave my plan on dieting to a future post. To those who know my goal of eating better food this year, I confess that I had a slice of vegetarian pizza today. Shame on me.

Day 57 end

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  1. “I do feel anemic. I feel every time I did something physically strenuous, I need to sleep for days to recover.”

    I feel that just after 15 minutes of workout.

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  2. Rest days are just as important as workout days.

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