Day338 some boring stuff

Two more weeks until the end of August.

Why is that important? It will be the end of the GVRAT – the Tennessee virtual race. I finished the 1000k challenge back in June and have been dallying around trying to get to the 2000k. For the last two months I put in around 100 miles only and I am about 500 miles away from the finish line… probably not going to make it in two weeks. Well there is an incentive to reach a 1000 mile mark, which is just about 200 miles away for me (205). I think I could do that. A hundred this coming week and another 100 the following. Easy right?

2. GSER – The Atlanta Virtual race. I booked my plane ticket to go back to do this by the end of summer. Am I ready for round two? I don’t think I am, but will see. I have been struggling to run 13 miles much less to do a 100 miles in one shot. Will see. I know I don’t have to do it. RD has extended it to end of September when the weather is cooler to run. I am going to do it at end of August any way.

3. Fall will be here soon, meaning the start of Fall training. Even though many of Fall races have been canceled or gone virtual, there are couple ones that will be taking place. It means training time! I am excited. Several races are in the work, and will share once they come.

Relating to this I have been moving my races around. Got the news that DC Rock n Roll won’t be happening, so I plan to transfer my entry to Savannah Rock n Roll 2021. Looking toward to get my marathon in Georgia.

Laurel Highland Ultra – the race that has consumed me this year will be happening, but I put in my deferral to next year. The race will be held but will have a lot of restrictions (basically old school ultra – with very little support and you have to carry all the stuff on you; there are drop bags, however it is best to lug everything), so I don’t think I am up to the challenge to do it. RD allowed me to defer till next year. Hell yeah, I’m running it next year. I had my schedule next year exactly like this year! All the same races.

4. CRAW – And and I will be doing a new virtual race called the CRAW – circumpolar run around the world. This time will be done as a team/group run. 50,000 km total or something. The number of miles are beyond what I can count around 30,000 miles, but someone did the math, it is about 8 miles per day per person. We have until December 31, 2021 to finish. We can have up to 10 people per team. It will be done over 12 stages. Each stage as if a new race. I am still forming my team, wich is hard to do because not many people is willing to commit a year time. I don’t want to be stuck in a slow team… but I don’t also want too much pressure from my teammates to have to run gazzillion miles every day. I plan to try for one stage at a time. The first stage hopefully done by Nov. Race starts on Sept 1.

5. Realistically, my body hurts. Everything hurts. Bad ankle from previous injury. I am going to suck it up. That is pretty much the end of summer. What did I do during the summer? I watched lot of videos and run virtual races.

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  1. Oh I can’t wait to hear your stories on it!!!!!! I’m excited!! Finally a actual one!!! Yay!!! 👏👏👏


  2. Yup! Super excited because I will have a couple in person races too, with the first one in Sept.

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  3. I’m excited for you to have your marathons even if virtual!! I just think that is so cool! I love how they do that!!

    Hahaha well if you wanna get technical… what did we do all year? Lol … a whole lot of nothing lol … everyone did the same things lol


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