Rainy day

I took shelter yesterday and workout in the gym. I didn’t run. I stepped out on to the pavement but quicky turned around. The rain


Weekend is when there are plenty of choices to choose from. This past weekend I certainly had a lot to do and didn’t get to do them all.

What am I looking for

Yesterday during lunch my boss asked me what kind of women I am looking for since I am still single. I face with this kind of questions before, and I

Year three

I’m doing it! I just signed up the three races that are part of the Crab Challenge, which consists the Federick Half, Baltimore 10 miler, and Baltimore Marathon for next year.


According to my running spreadsheet that takes my current race stats and extrapolates my time for the marathon run, I should be able to break 4 hours


I probably wrote about this before. Last two years have been both ups and downs. The first year of course I set all the personal bests and it felt great.


Haphazardly going through life today not really not knowing what to expect the next moment. I was going to do a hike up Sugarloaf mountain


There is a lurking fear inside that I might not able to do it. I set a goal to do a 50 miler next November. The first step of the plan is to run a 50k