Review 19.2

Day 60 / Second Review – “December Update”

The last 30 days came and  disappeared like a flash. I blogged another 30 days! The highlight was the 31 miles (50K) race completed. You can read all about it in the race report. Before the race I didn’t think I was prepared enough. I, at the time, had no idea how I could run another 5 miles on top of running a 26 miles. Then there were all kinds of panic at the last minute regarding the weather not being optimal on the race day. In the end these fears were moot. The race went well. I did finish, and that all it mattered.

The extra benefits from the race was I joined a club that required doing three marathons in 90 days. I knew the goal when I signed up for the ultra. I didn’t think I was that crazy to do it, but I was pretty excited to have done it.

After the race, I immediately hit the pavement to train for the next one but because of the holidays and a numbers of personal reasons, which I’m still trying to figure out why, the actual days I was outside running was like 4-5 days for last couple weeks. I put up probably a total of 10-12 miles. I couldn’t explain why I was so occupied doing something else other than running. I was very motivated to run but not enough to bring myself to action. Weird. The last several weeks have been mostly reflections and planning. I will need to conquer the inertia of my inaction!  On a positive note, it gave me plenty time to rest up!

I planned out races all to ‘eternity’ during this down time. It was why I blog. I wonder would I still write if one day I can no longer run.

My goal is to run in all fifty states in my lifetime, meaning by the time I am finished I would be 88 years old if I do one state a year! Yes that is planning to end of my life! I am now more or less familiar with a marathon in each state! I am no expert but I won’t be confused any more when I hear about a major race. There are still plenty races out there and a new one popping up all the time. I can at least say, ya that one is on my list. Or yup, I looked that one up before.

The Holiday has been busy. I did a couple hikes and all. I was tired most of the time. 

That’s that for the month. This year though, I will run in several races. Hopefully, I will write about them as usual. Some are big and some are ‘small’. I hope to continue to improve. This year and next year, and maybe by the following year after that I’ll reach my goal. I hope to get through the year.

I hope too by then I will be able to do a 100 miles ultra, which is my next next goal. 

What is my goal? It is to run. It is a bit broad… I want to run marathons. My current goal is to just run and be ready, so in couple years, if I want to train myself up to qualify for the Boston, I could.

Yes and at one point, I wanted to be qualified to register to run in the Boston Marathon. I still do, but it is no longer a must do goal. It is hard and near impossible at the moment! I think I have less than 1 percent chance of succeeding! I kind of lose interest in any goal that takes over 3 years to finish. I also want to run as many races as sanely (or insanely) as possible. The desire to run in all fifty states goal is kind of out there too. Hopefully, this will keep me busy for next few years.

Until the next report on Day 90,

Day 60 end / previous report

Meta: 19.02 is not a distance. Just a tag for me, 19 means 2019, 02 means either month or entry number, here it’s 2nd review.

Edit to add: Goal – My current goal is to do a 50 miler by end of this year. Next year is to do two more 50 milers and a 100k to get ready for a 100 miler in 2021.

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  2. I will keep writing as long as I run:), yes, I hope to write more because I hope to run. That was just a reminder for me to do a recap on my runs in a couple months. I signed up a few more races yesterday (aiming to do 6 marathons in 6 months), so plenty of training is coming my way.


  3. So does that mean you are not writing for 30 days?


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