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  • Day490 Q review, Tw4

    TLDR – a review of last quarter of my races and a reminder to myself that of some resolutions made at the beginning of the year Briefly, this week training went well. We are still experiencing the heat wave but it is getting cooler. I finally got myself outside during day time. I started to […]

  • Day446 4th Hello World

    Can’t believe once again, I reached the end of another year on WP. Yes, this is the fourth. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd are somewhere. Readers can search for them. In similar vein, it is the close of my fifth year of running and beginning of the sixth. I am not always a runner before. It […]

  • Day300 review 20.8

    A last minute change of plan, I do have a post for today, which I have written back in March but decided to keep it a little longer until I reach Day 365, because it makes more sense that way, since it is a yearly summary. For this quarter though, it will just a normal […]

  • Review 20.7.250* (Quarterly)

    Day 250 / Spring It is finally day 250. Thought it couldn’t come soon enough. I do a report or review for myself and those who only come read my stuff ever now and then. If you only want to catch up on what I have been doing in the last 3 or 4 months, […]

  • Review 19.6

    Day 200 Fall Review My running season (7th) is finally over, with a cap of successfully completing the JFK. It has been an intense roller coaster ride. I went through the highest of high and lowest of low in my runs and in my personal life to get there. My last report from Day150, was […]

  • the night of!

    Day 185 It has been a year since I started my first post! Thank you for putting up with my rambling. I have run a ton of marathons since. The following are race reports given here for those who want to read them. DC:Abebe19, MD:Baltimore , PA:York, WA:JackJill, WV:Morgantown, VA:EDU, VA:Roanoke19, VA:Seashore50. It is hard […]

  • Near miss

    Day 153 If I don’t write about this, I won’t be able to move on. Over the weekend I and several others headed to West Virginia Roaring Plain which is southern part of Dolly Sods Area. The trip was a one night camping and the next day a 15 miles hike. We camped at the […]

  • 19.5 Review

    Day 150 Summer / review no 5 [Last] month review (May) can be found here. Every time I write this, I feel like doing a project, except I have no idea what I am doing. I just feel it is right to write a report. This month/quarter had me twisted in a knot but finally […]

  • Two for one

    Day 123 / York & St Michaels I did a half marathon and a full marathon in one weekend. It was amazing. Looking back it doesn’t seem that hard because I have done hikes at that length over a weekend, but I was fearful when I signed up. Granted hiking and running is not the […]