Day 91 / lent

Midweek is when I look toward the weekend. Not only because I can’t wait to finish my work but because what I will do on the weekend will determine what I should be doing today. Like if I have a big race coming up, then I should rest up now. It is either run or not to run and how many miles. There are still plenty work left, I can assure you that. With weekend only couple days away, I got to decide what to do now.

This coming weekend, I am overwhelmed with choices. 

Plan A: stick with the plan. Go out and run the Rock and Roll DC half marathon on Saturday, which I signed up like a year ago and then enjoy the Sunday off with my loving friend and go for a hike in the afternoon and dinner at night. A full day of worship.

Plan B: Same as A, but add a 10K run/ race on Sunday – Pot of Gold 10k. But the cost is I will miss worship unless I go to the 11 o clock service, but doing that will bump my Sunday class, which I enjoy attending.

Plan C: upgrade my half marathon to a full one and run on Saturday, basically not much time for anything else. C is for Craziness. I am definitely not ready to  run a marathon. Should I believe myself go run a marathon? And do A/B of Sunday.

Plan D: D is for Don’t run at all on Saturday but instead go on a hike with my friend on the North Mountain. On Sunday, I could do A/B.

Likelihood of doing each decreases as goes from A-D. 

I really can’t decide without some value system or goal. I might as well flip a coin and leave to chance. Truly I guess I am conflicted with between running and see my friend. Three of them was about more running and the last choice is no running.

If the way to evaluate is based on passion, I would pick either C and D. If I pick based on logic then it will be either A or B.

I have been doing my runs during the week but I haven’t completely recovered (since last Wednesday). Not sure why it is taking so long. Normally, just a good night sleep would bring me back to 100%. Plan D is a good plan because I’m tired and need the rest. My friend going say I am disobedient again, because I know I shouldn’t run but is going to run.

Last night, I ran 8 miles. I finished 4 miles with the club and did an additional 4 on my own because I thought I lost my head buff. So I was retracing the steps but couldn’t find it. I only discovered I had it over my neck the whole time when I got home and started undressing. I wouldn’t have run the extra four miles if not for this. It was really cold and I didn’t even realized the buff was on me.

This morning woke up with a stiff calf. Ya, I didn’t stretch after the run. I will take it easy tonight, no more running. Got to honor the day of rest.

I noted that lent has started. It is a time for some reflection.  


19.3 review

Day 90 – March Update

19.3 is not a race. It is just a recap and a reflection of the past 30+ days. My last report was on day 60. [1]

I have been skipping days so it is not exactly 30 days since. It is almost two months since my last report. I almost was going to put it off until day 100.  Maybe in the future I will do a report every 100 / 50 days or so.

Trying to get back into training mode since the last major race was hard. I have been running but not consistently and they were not structured. Finally the last few weeks, I am a bit more consistent that they looked more a real training. I put up like 30-40 miles weekly but I am still struggling.

There are many reasons why I haven’t been training as I should. I got to know a friend better and was having a lot of happy hours with her. It was my church time too, but my schedule got rearranged during the weekend. I spent more time at ‘church’ than before. Luckily time with the lady doesn’t spread to my work days yet. I think a lot of her though and kind of distracted me from my running. I didn’t specifically write about them. Readers can read between the lines. 

Though that wasn’t the buck of it. It deserves a whole posting in itself. It is hard to see things at ‘ground zero’. There were just too many things going on in my personal life. Who doesn’t? Motivation to run was quite low. My initial motivation to run was from my former girlfriend, because she runs, I run. Now I think of her less and less, so I  kind of searching for a replacement of what can  get me out of the door. They say I run, because I like it… It is hard to find what to like about it when I’m at the door and don’t want to step outside. I don’t run for fuzzy feeling.

 Plus the weather and everything seemed to be ‘against me’ when I was ready to hit the pavement. Don’t things in life kind of do that to everyone? When you really want to do something and the whole world is against you? Sky’s falling. That’s life. It is swimming upstream all the way.

I did several small/mini races and they are not too much to brag about. But they were fun to do. I was so close to beating my records on couple of them and was pleased.

 I am not on track with my new year resolutions and no idea how to fit it. It went well for couple weeks and that was all. I wasn’t regret making them as some would. It just mean I have to get back on the saddle. But things are looking to turn around.

My running schedule for 2019 (racing) is set [2] and mostly paid for. I recently registered for the MCM. I wasn’t sure though if a couple hotels reservations (for races) made were paid  in advance or I will have to pay when I arrive. They are spread out over the year, so they won’t hit my pocket too hard. 

Budgeting! I haven’t really set a budget. This year though I added up all the cost of running related for the whole year, so I kind of know how much. I won’t share it because it was shocking to my running buddies and it would be shocking to you guys. All my races are budget buster.

I hiked a few times and wrote about those. It has been exciting! My dearest friend (one and only who does this kind of things with me) and I haven’t done much last year, and the first quarter kind of put us back into the regular pattern. We try to hike/backpack twice a month. Weather and other issues prevented some of trips but overall we headed out the trail more frequently than before. 

Of course our goal is to get ready for a trip to Chile at end of the year. She has planned the whole thing already. This trip though kind of derails my biggest goal of running a 50 miler in November. I wrote about going to Chile vs running the 50 miler. I made my goals and she does her and we or I at least ended up in a rock and a hard place. 

I am thinking of switching one of my ultra races (Iron Mountain) to a 50 miler, but it means getting my body ready by end of August instead of November. Still trying to figure if I will be ready. I can have until June to decide.

Until next time then. My next report will probably be around June around Day 150 or 175.





We have our first snow for 2019. It was a big one. I woke up and all outside was covered with 8-10 inches of white fluff and it forced local schools and the federal government to close at least for today. Not like I didn’t know ahead, since it was forecasted at the beginning of last week. By the way, I was too lazy to head to the mountains over the weekend. My family said they were glad. But the weatherman got it right this time. Imagine braving the element in the woods, what a weekend to tell about for years to come.



Many people posted about their resolutions. I have been thinking on mine. I used to do this every year. This year I am kind of late to the game.

One thing I want is to be healthier. I want to sleep more than 4 hours each night, preferably 7-8 hours.

I resolve to train more consistently. I do run a lot but, I stopped running in the morning (even though I have been sleeping less). I would need to do more morning runs. I resolve to go to the gym more, aiming two to three times a week. I want to have better built. I will just follow Excessive and Composed’s plan. I resolve to swim at least couple times per week.

Going to add: Increase in intensity.

I was pretty happy last year and did many amazing things that were beyond my expectation (life was hard, but there were moments of light). I strive to be happier this year. This blog and my adventures have been very fulfilling. I do not seek validation from others, but the bloggers on here have been a great encouragement to me. I will want to post more about my adventures and my races. It was interesting to write a journal entry and have people comment back.

I also want to eat healthier. I have been on fast food most of my adult life and even the last two years while running, I still ate all the junks. So this year at least for the first quarter, I plan to eat wholesome food and to avoid as much processed food as possible. I am totally cutting sweets and sugar until race day 4/13. I will eat all the sweets they have to offer on the race course!

I also resolve to save more money at least for a race bicycle and for more of my trips. If I am going to run oversea, I will need to save up for that. The goal is 2021 either Sydney, Au or Lima, Peru. That will be several grands, so definitely need to be more disciplined with my spending. I think by cutting fast food, I will be able to save some money. I need to resolve to open a saving account.

I resolve to go camping by myself. I did a lot of camping trips but never alone. I feel I need to learn to be a real outdoor man, such as be better at finding trails and reading map and to learn to able to stay alive in the woods!

Ya, I want to be a better person. I want to be a more adventurous! Well there is probably a chance for me to run a Ragnar this year! That would be awesome. I am not looking to leave a legacy, but I do want 2019 to be an exceptional year that I when I look back, there is no regret of things I could do but didn’t do.

I resolve to be a friend to someone :), at least will try to be friendlier person. People said I have been doing so much that I don’t have time for my family or close friends. However, I have been making new friends through my running group and my hiking buddies and outdoor adventurers and on here. I guess, I want to resolve to make more new friends yet not to forget my old friends too.

Day 54


Xmas’ gift

Thank you! 

End day 48


Just Another day

Day 34. 

This reminds me of the movie I AM LEGEND or one of those survival apocalypse movies, ticking

life running

D day: T minus 13 hrs

I packed last night before going to bed.  It is not D day yet but I’m already at the point of no return. I took all the things I needed into work

life running

Reason to be

I am running out of topic to post. The name of my blog “In awhile” means I haven’t posted anything in awhile. Sometimes, just laziness and I guess


An excellent day

An excellent day to be outdoor. I haven’t run yet. My friend whom met couple month ago through the Christian Outdoor Group, had his birthday today


Gong Cha near work